SmartOffice Product List

SmartOffice provides a variety of products that can be incorporated into the enterprise document workflow platforms.

1. SmartOffice Application

2. SmartOffice Viewer (view only)

3. SmartOffice DevKit (SODK)

4. SmartOffice DevKit Viewer (view only)

5. File Viewer DevKit (FVDK)

6. Page Viewer DevKit (PVDK)

The chart and following content below provide a succinct summary* of each product offering.

Description Designed for…
SmartOffice Mobile Application
  • A complete mobile application solution.
  • Full-featured, portable document viewer/editor with secure integration options
  • Also available as view only (Viewer version)
  • Touchscreen smart mobile devices
  • Standalone mobile app for smartphones, tablets
  • Wrap-able within a secure enterprise platform (depending on platform)
SmartOffice DevKit (SODK)
  • Customizable SDK that easily integrates into a chosen enterprise mobile security platform (enterprise brand and UI)
  • Full-featured portable document viewer/editor with secure integration options
  • Also available as view only (Viewer version)
  • Touchscreen smart mobile devices
  • Fully integrates with enterprise selected EFSS, MDM or EMM environment
  • Customize interface to fit with desired brand and UI
File Viewer DevKit (FVDK)
  • Highly embeddable “interactive” document viewing library
  • Embedded devices (often using key-based control) such as projectors or printers
Page Viewer DevKit (PVDK)
  • Non-interactive data acquisition library providing page and thumbnail rendering for office documents
  • Projector, printer applications – Embedded thumbnails
  • Server side –Full page renderer suitable as a plug-in component for web-based document viewing and similar uses

* See our product data sheet or speak with one of our representatives for more complete information and details on SmartOffice products. You can also contact us at for more information.

SmartOffice Mobile Application

A full-featured mobile office productivity app that serves as an alternative to MS Office mobile apps. SmartOffice can be wrapped in an enterprise security platform to enable secure viewing, editing, creating, sharing, printing and presenting documents on mobile devices.

Key Features Summary:

  • Handles all MS Office file types (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), plus PDF, images, plain text on iOS and Android.
  • Truest, most accurate Office document representation on a mobile device.
  • Scalable display automatically adapts to optimize for device screen size (smartphone or tablet)
  • Lightweight: At 21MB, footprint roughly 1/50th the size of Office 365 Mobile.
  • Not dependent upon cloud access for functionality.
  • Wrap-able within variety of MDM, EMM, EFSS platforms, making it the secure alternative to MS Office 365 mobile.


Use: Provides a fully functional app ready for wrapping in enterprise security platform of choice. May allow for some small customization (e.g., enabling 3rd party cloud services such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox).

SmartOffice DevKit (SODK)

A full-featured, customizable SDK component solution for enterprise document workflow management. SmartOffice DevKit has all the features of the SmartOffice app, but allows companies to customize the interface to fit with their desired brand UI.

Key Features Summary:

  • Provides the full functionality of the SmartOffice app, while allowing the enterprise to utilize its desired brand and UI.
  • Easily and fully integrates into a company’s chosen EFSS, MDM or EMM environment, requiring only one integration per platform.
  • Provides enterprise IT departments with tools to control document access, viewing and editing across multiple platforms, thereby reducing data leakage and vulnerability to theft, hacking and malware.


Use: For an organization looking to add viewing, editing and management functionality to an existing application or platform, either proprietary or implemented via third party, SmartOffice DevKit is a great option. This will enable the organization to implement UI consistent with its brand and design, leaving the viewing/editing to SmartOffice within the enterprise’s security platform of choice.

Full featured App vs. Library – Which one to use?

This is entirely based on the enterprise security platform solution in your organization, how you wish to manage deployment and how you want the app to look.

  • If your solution is structured to wrap the entire app, then the full-featured app that uses the SmartOffice “file explorer UI” works for you.
  • If you wish to deploy with SmartOffice as part of your overall product offering, with your brand and a UI that you (or your security platform provider) implement, then SmartOffice DevKit can serve as your document viewing/editing tool.
  • If you are an MDM, EMM or EFSS provider looking to incorporate document viewing, editing and management tools directly into your product offering with your own brand and UI, then SmartOffice DevKit is the likely choice for you.

SmartOffice also offers two “view-only” versions for each of the above.

SmartOffice Viewer

A view-only version of the SmartOffice app that enables users to view Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, plus PDF documents, but without editing capabilities.

SmartOffice DevKit Viewer

Similar to above, we offer a view-only version of our SmartOffice DevKit for integration into an enterprise’s security platform solution of choice or as a base level offering embedded in MDM, EMM or EFSS solutions.

File Viewer DevKit (FVDK)

The FVDK provides code that can used to build one’s own viewer into another product or your own embedded system. The code enables one to open/close files, to move forward/backward pages, and to render those pages to bitmaps that the caller can then display. FVDK does not include a UI.

Example uses include installation in projectors and other forms of electronics. FVDK is not intended for use with iOS and Android. For these platforms we recommend SmartOffice DevKit or SmartOffice DevKit Viewer.

Page Viewer DevKit (PVDK)

Page Viewer enables an engineer the ability to build an internal viewer that can return an image or thumbnail of every page in a document. Like File Viewer, there is no UI. Unlike File Viewer, PV does not render to the screen; it simply returns an image of document pages.

Example uses include installation in projectors, smart TV’s, custom printing solutions and servers/web apps (e.g., allowing web site to show thumbnails of a document or provide views of entire pages as bitmaps in a user’s web browser). PVDK has been licensed for use on Linux, iOS and Android, with ports available for Windows and other platforms.

About Artifex Software

Artifex Software is the company that stands behind SmartOffice. We are a trusted creator, partner and provider of core technologies for document handling and management. For over 20 years we’ve provided premiere software products to top level global customers including HP, Adobe, RIcoh, IBM, Intel, Xerox, Google, Morgan Stanley, Dropbox, LG Electronics, Ernst & Young and Deutsche Bundesbank. With teams of engineers and leadership talent on three continents – North America, Europe and Asia – we are structured to help insure your needs are met.

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