MuPDF Desktop Viewer Manual

MuPDF can open PDF, XPS, CBZ, and EPUB documents. The following documentation provides a guide for the various commands

Command Line Options

-p password – The password needed to open a password protected PDF file.

-r resolution – Set the initial zoom level, specified as DPI. The default value is 72.

-W width – Set the page width in points for EPUB layout.

-H height – Set the page height in points for EPUB layout.

-S size – Set the default font size in points for EPUB layout.

-U stylesheet – Specify a CSS file containing user styles to load for EPUB layout.

Mouse Bindings

The middle mouse button (scroll wheel button) pans the document view.
The right mouse button selects a region and copies the marked text to the clipboard.

Key Bindings

Most commands can take a number argument entered before the key, even those not listed as such.

q – Quit application.

i – Display document metadata.

o – Toggle display of outline

l – Toggle display of links.

w – Shrinkwrap window to fit page.

W – Fit page width to window.

H – Fit page height to window.

Z – Fit page size to window.

[number] z – Set zoom resolution in DPI.

+ – Zoom in.

– Zoom out.

[ – Rotate counter-clockwise.

] – Rotate clockwise.

[arrow] – Pan page in small increments.

< – Go 10 pages backward.

> – Go 10 pages forward

[page up] or , – Go one page backward.

[page down] or . – Go one page forward.

b – Smart move one screenful backward.

[space] – Smart move one screenful forward.

m – Save current page to navigation history.

t – Go back in navigation history.

T – Go forward in navigation history.

[number] m – Save current page in numbered bookmark.

[number] t – Go to numbered bookmark.

[number] g – Go to page number.

G – Go to last page.

/ – Start searching forward.

? – Start searching backward.

n – Continue searching forward.